FROG ABOVE LLC. is a faith-based company that was was born from learning how to heal after trauma. The acronym, FROG, stands for, “Forever Rely on God.” This our mantra and a phrase we’d like to use, to not only remind ourselves of how far we’ve come, but to encourage anyone who is currently weathering a storm.

The two sisters behind FROG, both have an unbelievable testimony that God wants to use to help others. Their first endeavor is the althleisure clothing line, featuring the FROG ABOVE logo. This is just their first step in spreading love and hope to everyone they encounter, and that their customers encounter.

After all, we all have a testimony, a personal tragedy that we’ve had to face or are facing. It is our belief that the only way we can continue to persevere, is to “Forever Rely on God” Above (FROG ABOVE).  

Mission: To motivate people to FROG ABOVE for whole fitness (physically, spiritually, emotionally, & mentally).

Vision: To remind everyone who sees and/or wears FROG ABOVE to be encouraged and empowered to overcome any obstacle.